Katlyn Beck - Software Juggernaut

Katlyn didn't let fear keep her from breaking through the Great Wall of Tech

Michele Cunningham

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In a world where great tech talent is hard to find, Catalyte uses AI and data science to discover software engineering superheroes from the most unlikely places. Hiding in plain sight, they have the innate potential and cognitive ability to leap impossible tech challenges in a single line of code. 

With that great power comes great responsibility. So, we're heading to Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 Oct. 1-4 to share our ancient knowledge and show the world there is a better way. The path may be new, but every superhero's journey must begin somewhere.

If you would like to join our cause, learn about how to discover the power within others or just pick up a kick-ass t-shirt, please drop by our booth.

Check out our stable of Sensei - aka the awesome employees who'll be at GHC - and drop us a line if there's someone or something you want to talk about.

Michele's superpower is connecting ... ideas, people, and strategies to results.

What's your superpower?

Dana Ledyard

Sara Foster

Dana's superpower is being the "Red Eye Jedi." Ask her about it.

James Whitman

James' superpower is taking things apart and putting them back together.

Marci Sullivan

Marci's superpower is human resources ESP.

Adam Curtis

Adam's superpower is detecting trace amounts of banana.

Jim Jaramillo

Jim's superpower is being invisible.

Catalyte Sensei

Sara's superpower is to always keep smiling.

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Marketing manager

Human resources generalist

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